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Long name: 
Livelihood, Early Assessment and Protection
Short name: 
Early warning systems
Food Security
Humanitarian aid

Sandro Calmanti (sandro.calmanti[at]enea.it)

Lorenzo Bosi (lorenzo.bosi[at]wfp.org)

The LEAP early warning tool was designed to increase the timeliness of response to climate-related food crises in Ethiopia: it uses crop and weather monitoring information to estimate the number of people projected to be in need of early assistance in the face of an impending drought. By integrating seasonal climate forecasts into LEAP, the EUPORIAS project will help increase the capacity to anticipate the number of potential beneficiaries of humanitarian interventions, thus allowing quicker and better targeted provision of assistance to households.


LEAP is the Government of Ethiopia’s national food security early warning system. It provides estimates of the number of people who will be in need of food assistance due to drought, increasing the speed with which a humanitarian response can be triggered.